Possessing more than three decades of experience as a skilled physician, researcher, and teacher, Robert Dean Stebbins, MD, also holds expertise in developing and managing biotechnical and medical organizations. He received an M.D. at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Medicine and completed an internship  and  residency in internal medicine at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. At New York University School of Medicine, Robert Dean Stebbins, MD, completed a postdoctoral fellowship in hematology. He subsequently fulfilled a fellowship in oncology at Yale School of Medicine.

For 20 years, Dr. Robert Dean Stebbins, treated patients at his Palo Alto, California, solo private practice in hematology, oncology, and internal medicine. Focusing on breast cancer and leukemia treatment, he also developed an oncologic and internal medicine consultation practice for international executives. In other professional endeavors, Robert D. Stebbins, MD, organized the Private Physicians Group at Stanford, Inc., serving as President and Chairman of the Board. The organization, comprised of 250 physicians competing for health maintenance organization (HMO) contracts, earned recognition from Blue Shield as the best-managed new medical group.

Segueing from practicing medicine to conducting research, Robert Dean Stebbins, MD, joined vascular stent developer CardioSynopsis, Inc., in Sunnyvale, California, as a Research and Development Consultant. In this capacity, he reported to the President of the $10 million firm while coordinating prototype development and directing successful stent implantations. Studying more than 250 patients to assess the marketability of microporous membrane and radiofrequency technology, he compiled a comprehensive research review. Subsequently, Dr. Stebbins, became a Research Associate at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Focusing on tin mesoporphyrin therapy and glutamine supplementation in infants of extremely low birth weight, he administered research protocols and amassed and analyzed physical, social, and biochemical data on hundreds of infants for a significant National Institutes of Health study.

A veteran of the United States Naval Reserve and the United States Medical Corps Reserve, Robert D. Stebbins, MD, served as President and Chairman of the Board of Private Physicians Group at Stanford, Inc., and sat on several committees at Stanford University Hospital, including the Hospital Bylaws Committee, the Technology Transfer Committee, and the Hospital Board Subcommittee on Managed Care. He has contributed to numerous articles in professional journals and books on such subjects as drug-induced megaloblastic anemias, chronic myelogenous leukemia¸ and adjunctive chemotherapy. Robert Dean Stebbins, also taught medical courses at Stanford University School of Medicine for 20 years.

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